Century Committee


A committee has formed with the purpose of planning for the future of the parish, tentatively titled the “Century Committee,” in reference to the church’s upcoming 2024 centennial. The committee’s work encompasses three major phases: discernment (visioning), goal setting, and resource allocation (which might involve fundraising). 

From November to February, we held a series of small-group meetings to hear from all of you and to discern what is of most importance to the parish community now and going forward. Thank you to all who participated! 

Ideas have ranged from minor tweaks in programs to major improvements to infrastructure. The list includes suggestions for youth involvement and a wish for an assistant minister. Hopes cover all areas of our mission: worship, education, outreach, fellowship, and stewardship, as well as leadership and communication. 

At the annual meeting at the end of January, the committee reported the results of the small-group meetings, citing the main themes and issues that the discussions generated. A follow-up email to the parish contained that same information, as well as the full list of specific ideas. If you would like to see a copy, contact the office.

What comes next, and when? The committee will move to the goal-setting phase of its work: collating responses and developing a list of potential projects and initiatives, which we will communicate to Clyde and to the vestry. Some might be implemented now or in the near future; others will require research and assessment of funding needs, and subcommittees are being formed to undertake that research. 

By next fall, the committee hopes to present a feasibility study to the vestry and parish. When the parish has committed to particular projects, the committee will take the lead in organizing fundraising to make them a reality.

Watch for more information this spring as we begin the research process. We will keep you informed as we journey toward our hundredth anniversary in 2024!.

Members of the Century Committee

Charlie Milner and Peg Howard, chairs

Charlie Ives / Elizabeth Muller / Tina Niles / Mark Rowe

Chris Stockwell / Penny Stratton / Phoebe Wysor

Eleanor Mancusi-Ungaro and Richard Stratton, vestry liaisons

Rev. Clyde Elledge, ex officio


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