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We are God’s hands, empowered to do His work in the world. St. Andrew’s Church is our spiritual home, a place where we come to be fed, to be strengthened, to be consoled, to find the Truth in the Word.

Just as our family homes must be maintained, heated, lighted and secured, so must our spiritual home. Our offerings support the Place, the People, and the Purpose of St. Andrew’s. We are all asked to contribute financially to the Church, to keep our mission strong and healthy.

Please take time to read this year's stewardship letter from Clyde, with more information about supporting St. Andrew’s. 

Here’s the 2017 pledge card. If you choose, you can return it by email to

Giving to St. Andrew's—making your donation

Making a church donation used to be really simple—a check or a few bills in an envelope, into the plate passed during the service, done! Well, that still works, but many of us no longer work that way. Here are other ways to deliver donations to our church.

1. Online bill pay: Add Church of St. Andrew into your Bill Pay service—using the address 135 Lafayette Street, Marblehead, MA 01945. It may be convenient to set a recurring monthly payment. We get a check in the mail, and it works just fine. If you want to direct your gift to a specific appeal, put a note in the memo line to help us put it in the right place.

2. Credit cards (via PayPal): Click the Donate button at the bottom of the page, where you can donate via PayPal using your preferred credit card. PayPal takes a fee of about 3 percent, and it’s greatly appreciated (but entirely voluntary) if you’d like to increase the amount to cover the fee. 

3. Qualified charitable distribution: You can request a distribution from an IRA directly to Church of St. Andrew as a Qualified Charitable Distribution. The custodian sends a check for the distribution directly to us, and the gift is not subject to taxation, and is excluded from your taxable income. Check with your fund custodian for details, and, if appropriate, with your tax advisor or preparer.

4. Gifts of securities: Make donations of securities directly to the church's custodian, Fidelity. This form is intended to give instructions to your broker to do this, but please send us a copy so that we can properly credit the gift to you.Thank you in advance for your support of our parish!

Click below to make a donation to St. Andrew's via PayPal 

135 Lafayette Street / Marblehead, Massachusetts 01945
781-631-4951 / Fax: 781-639-7937 /

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