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We are God’s hands, empowered to do His work in the world. St. Andrew’s Church is our spiritual home, a place where we come to be fed, to be strengthened, to be consoled, to find the Truth in the Word.

Just as our family homes must be maintained, heated, lighted and secured, so must our spiritual home. Our offerings support the Place, the People, and the Purpose of St. Andrew’s. We are all asked to contribute financially to the Church, to keep our mission strong and healthy.

In 2014, the St. Andrew’s budget forecast $376,000 as the dollar cost of maintaining the place, people and purpose of St. Andrew’s. The parish has about 115 contributing members, and the median pledge donation is $1,300 per year. Pledges range up to $20,000 per year.

For 2015, to provide the support for the Place, People, and Purpose of St. Andrew’s, we are asking that you consider increasing your pledge by $25 per month to help close the deficit and continue to restore the resources of the parish.

Please take time to read the stewardship sermon given on November 9, 2014, with more information about the finances and support of St. Andrew’s. 

Here’s the 2015 pledge card. If you choose, you can return it by email to

You might find one of two other forms helpful: 

  • A preauthorization information form, which makes it easy to set up automatic donation to St. Andrew’s from your bank. This is just like an automatic bill-pay order, and you can modify or terminate it at your discretion.
  • A securities donation form, which you can use to make donations of securities directly to St. Andrew’s custodian. It is intended to give instructions to your broker to do this, but we request that you send us a copy of the form so that w can properly credit the gift to you. 

Thank you in advance for your support of our parish!

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